How long is turnaround time?

We generally finish a project within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the project size. If you need the project complete asap please advise us and we will do our best to put your project on high priority and finish it as fast as possible. But we never like to rush a project if it means loss of quality.

How many revisions am i entitled to for my eBay store?

We dont put a number on this, but rather go back and forth until the client is happy with the outcome.

After my store has been active, sometime in the future and i would like to make changes to it, are you able to do this?

Yes, please contact us about any changes made and we will discuss the costs of this with you.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes we offer ongoing support with all of our stores… But should you want to make further changes to your store, there will be additional costs. Please contact us if this is the case.

I’m computer illiterate, will using my ebay store be too complicated?

Actually not at all. The functionality of the ebay store will stay the same, just the aesthetics will change. So if you know how to list products on ebay without a store than you know how to list with a store. And editing the listing template is foolproof. We will provide easy to follow instructions and provide you with a link to download our TagBot listing editor which makes editing the listing template a very easy thing to do.

How do i edit the listing template

There are two options for this: You can edit the listing template using TagBot listing editor, or directly in ebay iself, both options are very easy and we will provide you with links to easy to follow videos on editing your listing template. We have never had a client who wasn’t able to figure it out following our instructions.

What are your payment terms?

We accept payment by PayPal or Bank Deposit. We ask for a 50% deposit on the project, the outstanding amount can be paid to us once the store is installed.