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7 Tips for How to Successfully Sell on eBay 2018

Everyone’s getting in on the action, but how do you really make a success out of selling on eBay?

Ebay started off as the garage sale of the internet, people selling off old trinkets for some weekends cash. As eBay experiences massive growth it became a very mainstream marketplace for anything and everything in between.

It has made e-commerce so easy that anyone with an internet connection can get started right away in establishing their own eBay business.

Whether you are selling your old and dusty vinyl records, or you have gone the whole mile in establishing a recognized and well branded retail store, with huge inventory and an inclination for eBay domination, there are certain tips which will help in your journey.



find you eBay niche

EBay is a breeze to get started, but since this is so, it is also very competitive. Because of this, you will find saturated markets and you will find some products with very low profit margins.

Spend as much time as you can research products on eBay and crunching numbers between your competitors on eBay and the cost of items from your supplier. Find a niche which can turn a profit and ideally something which you find interesting, maybe even passionate about, as this will help in keeping you motivated and may be a factor in the growth of your business.





Selling on eBay saves you a TON of overheads, you also save the money you would spend on SEO and marketing if you were running your own commerce website. But there still are eBay related costs in running an eBay store.

There are 3 store packages available; Basic Store, Featured Store and Anchor Store. We will refer to the ‘Basic Store’.

1. Monthly ‘Basic’ Store Subscription costs $24.95 per month.

2. Final value fees between 6% — 9.5% (depending on the price the item sells for) Final value fee is capped at a maximum of $400.

3. PayPal Fees — PayPal is the most popular payment method used in eBay… If your customer pays with PayPal you will pay an additional fee of 2.6%





The photos of the item your selling are the only way your customers will be able to see a visual representation of your item, so it goes without saying, this is an important part of any successful listing.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer by any means, but it will pay off (in most cases) to invest in a quality camera and lighting gear. These days you can find some pretty impressive cameras packed into mobile phones, so this is one option. The other option is a DSLR camera, if you are on a budget you can still get quality DSLR’s for just a few hundred dollars. One great budget option is a Canon 500D, but there are plenty of others!

A light box is an affordable addition which will take the quality of your images up to the next level, these produce soft diffused light, bringing out the subtle details in your product images.



This is the part we often don’t like! There’s a kind of art to coming up with product descriptions, that often leaves us frustrated and banging our heads against a wall!


Here are some tips, as a guide to writing product descriptions that sell:

1. Avoid spelling errors! EBay’s algorithm will pick up on this, and they don’t want to highlight listings with poorly written descriptions, it will cause your listing to fall back in the search results.

2. Make sure your descriptions are to the point, concise, accurate and sell the product. Write down some key notes about your item and expand on those to a reasonable degree.

3. Be honest about the condition of the item. If it’s a used item with some chips in the paint, write that in there, people want to know what they are getting. Doing this will also help in reducing the number of return requests, as your customers aren’t getting any unwanted surprises.

4. Let your customers know that you they can easily contact you with any questions or for after sales support.

5. Show your stores terms and conditions — Your buyers want to know what they are getting themselves into, so be sure to include Jargon-free terms and conditions, and make them as appealing as you can!

6. Make sure that if you are using a custom HTML template that there is no insecure content (HTTP) in the listing. All remote content must use the HTTPS prefix. If you are using the HTTPS prefix you must be sure the server the content is stored on uses an SSL certificate. If you have insecure content in your listing, the listing will be deferred via a ‘See Item Description’ button, and will ultimately affect your sales rate.

7. Make shipping and payment as hassle free as you can in your listings. If you are able to offer free shipping, do it. And be sure to accept PayPal as a payment option… there may be a 2.6% extra fee, but if you don’t accept PayPal you will be losing out on sales.



Just like google, eBay has their own algorithm for ranking listings within it’s platform. SEO doesn’t apply in eBay the same way it does in google, but there are a few key points which eBay’s algorithm looks for when deciding the ranking of a listing.


1. Great feedback (Performance)
2. Recent Sales
3. Attractive Keywords Included in the Title
4. Competitive Price (Not necessarily the Lowest)
5. Good Shipping Options


The majority of these will fall into place as you run a successful and trustworthy eBay shop, such as great feedback and recent sales.

Make sure to use relative keywords in the title for the item you have listed, for example, if you are selling a men’s winter coat, you might want to include the keywords “Men’s” “Winter Coat” “Jacket” “S” “M” “L”. The resulting title may be something like “New Men’s Winter Jacket, Sizes S M L, Insulated Jacket” By including quality keywords in your title, it will come up in more search results.

EBay’s algorithm puts a large emphasis on ‘recent sales’… Putting your item on sale for a brief period will give huge boost to the ranking of your listing. As you lower the price, your listing will see an increase in sales which will result in your listing being pushed forward in the rankings. Experiment with the sale price and see what works, even if you sell the item at cost price or lower for a brief period, it is worth it to have your listing move into such a high search ranking position. You may want to run the sales periodically to hold its position in the top of search results.

Another big factor is free shipping, eBay has a lot of love for listings offering free shipping, and offering it will have a noticeable effect the ranking of your listings.



eBay sellers need to protect themselves against scammers. Unfortunately there are people out there who take advantage of honest people trying to make a living online. There are those who will purchase an item and claim it never arrived. So rather than getting caught out on this, protect yourself by providing proof o postage. Provide a tracking number whenever you can.



So you have just made a sale! Congratulations! But it’s not over yet. You are trying to build a succesful brand, your customer is going to take note of their experience.

After you make the sale, send your customer a friendly confirmation email. Let them know you will be shipping their item out very soon and thank them for their purchase.

Then after you ship the item out, let them know and send them their tracking number. Also let them know if they have any problems to contact you. People love good support and it will go a long way!

We hope these tips will help you in your eBay journey!